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Supporting Mental Health Through COVID-19

March 19, 2020

Attention Employees, Medical Staff and Partners:

I am extremely appreciative of the commitment and dedication you have continued to provide, caring for our patients. I know that each of you are managing the stress and anxiety of our patients in addition to dealing with your own internal apprehension and concern. I am also empathetic to your personal responsibilities and obligations within your own household. It isn’t easy managing work and family when our community is in crisis.

The COVID-19 event occurring is unprecedented. However, I know that we will manage through this, becoming stronger and more efficient as professionals and as an organization. On behalf of Desert Parkway, we are thankful to have employees such as yourselves demonstrate resiliency and vigor through these trying times. You have remained strong for the patients and your peers and loved ones.

I will continue to provide updates and forward information. Rather than sending multiple emails, we will use this platform to provide the hospital updates and hyperlinks to PDF’s and webpages with useful information. I hope you find this way of communication helpful.

Allison Zednicek
CEO, Desert Parkway Behavioral Healthcare Hospital


Desert Parkway Hospital Update as of March 19, 2020:

Essential Service: All our employees, medical staff and partners at Desert Parkway provide an “Essential Service.” Therefore, we will continue to operate inpatient and outpatient services as usual. The Governor has not announced a “Shelter in Place” mandate, but this is possible so please be on alert. These announcements come quickly. If Shelter in Place is police enforced, make sure to have your badge with you so you can identify as an essential employee.

Visitation: All visitation has been canceled (youth and adults). We have established web-based options for families through Zoom and other ways of video communication. We may have exceptions for individual in person visits as necessary. Phone access has been increased for our youth patients.

Patient and Employee Screening: Patients are closely screened prior to admission. We have been and will continue to send patients to the ER if he/she has viral health indicators per the CDC guidelines.

Outpatient and Inpatient Screening: We will have an employee based in the lobby area to screen visitors entering the facility. A process has also been established for outpatient. Use of any door other than the front lobby and loading dock is prohibited. We ask that the paramedic entrance (Sally Port) in Intake only be used for emergency services. Please remember, we need to minimize your movement throughout the facility.

No Communal Food: Please do not engage in pot lucks, bringing in baked goods or other food items unless individually packaged. A good example of commonly shared food is pizza or a platter of cookies.

What we are doing to keep employees, patients and providers safe and healthy.


Local & National External Updates/Additional Info:

Nevada Health Response:

COVID-19 with guidance and resources can be found by clicking here.

Read the announcement from the Governor’s Office on the business closure initiative that was announced 3/17/2020

What is a Coronavirus and Who is at Risk?

Child Care Services: The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has provided information regarding child care. Here is information provided from DHHS on implementing an emergency child care center:

Therapeutic Resources Available During this Crisis:

United Citizens Foundation is offering telehealth therapy services to all Nevadans at no out-of-pocket cost. More info here.

Coping with Stress During Infectious Disease Outbreaks (SAMHSA)

UNUM EAP: Employees of Desert Parkway can access our EAP service, which offers confidential, short-term counseling from Licensed Professional Counselors for a full range of personal issues and also offers insight to achieving a healthy work/life balance. Please access via this link or call (800)854-1446. Phone support is unlimited and available 24/7.