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Supporting Mental Health Through COVID-19

April 10, 2020

Attention Employees, Medical Staff and Partners:

I hope you are all doing well and that you continue to feel reassured and supported. I truly appreciate the positive feedback several of you have provided by directly communicating with your supervisor or by providing comments on Survey Monkey.

We will continue to include the survey link in each update so that you can easily access and reach us. If you haven’t already taken the survey, we encourage you to so and feel free to leave a comment or suggestion.

A question recently voiced by a few of our employees was the necessary use of facial masks. There has been a lot of information about the benefits as well as the risks when utilizing a mask. In an effort to provide you, as well as our patients, a choice, we are agreeable to the use of a comfort mask unless otherwise directed by our Chief Nursing Officer. However, we ask that you review the State, CDC and CMS recommendations prior to making an informed decision.

The Nevada Department of Health and Human services provided an update this week that you may find beneficial while working at Desert Parkway and during your personal time. This is included in this update so please make sure to review this document.

Your safety and support are very important to us. You are all essential and necessary as we continue our mission, providing quality care to this community. You too are a hero and I am honored to be part of such a remarkable team. Thank you for the opportunity.


Allison Zednicek, CEO
Desert Parkway Behavioral Healthcare Hospital

Desert Parkway Hospital Updates as of April 10th

  • Use of Comfort Masks
    We understand that some of you may choose to wear a comfort mask. However, should you choose to do so, please make sure to adhere to the precautions and requirements when using a comfort mask. View an Interim Guidance on Alternative, Improvised and Homemade Facemasks HERE, provided by the Nevada Department of Public and Behavioral Health and the CDC.
  • Cyber Scams - 32% Increase in Successful Scams
    The FBI reports that there has been a rise in fraud schemes related to the COVID-19. Scammers are leveraging the COVID-19 pandemic to steal your money, your personal information, or both. Don’t let them and don’t CLICK! Read more advice from the Internet Crime Complaint Center HERE.
  • We Still Want to Hear from You!
    You are encouraged to take a brief, 7-question survey so that we can understand your opinion on our handling of the COVID-19 crisis. Please feel free to address concerns with us in the included comment section at the end. We will do our best to include responses in our updates. We will not post your name, but if you would like us to address you directly (and privately), please leave your name at the end as well: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YNMLWYH

External Updates and Community Resources

  • Current State of the U.S. & Nevada as of April 9th:
    • CDC confirmed and presumptive U.S. cases: 427,460; Mortality: 14,696 related deaths
    • Nevada COVID-19: 2,584 Confirmed cases; Mortality: 86 related deaths
  • Northern Facilities: 57% Occupancy
    • ICU Room Occupancy Rate: 54%
    • HCW Wellness: GREEN
    • PPE Supply Status: YELLOW
    • % of Ventilators in use: 46%
  • Southern Facilities: 64% Occupancy
    • ICU Room Occupancy Rate: 87%
    • HCW Wellness: GREEN
    • PPE Supply Status: YELLOW
    • % of Ventilators in use: 55%
  • Rural Facilities: 31% Occupancy
    • Hospital Room Occupancy Rate: 28%
    • HCW Wellness: GREEN
    • PPE Supply Status: YELLOW
  • Continuums of Care/Case Managers/ Resources for the Homeless
    • A new website created by CSH provides guidance for supportive housing providers and case managers. It covers measures to keep staff and tenants safe during home visits, identifying staff to conduct home visits, questions to ask prior to a home visit, protocols for case managers while in a home, steps to take if a client shows symptoms, how to help clients prepare for COVID-19, implementing telephonic services, staff training, and special considerations when working with congregate programs. More can be seen HERE.
  • Calling all Mental Health Techs!
    • The Cashman Center temporary emergency medical facility (ISO-Q) serving the homeless population (with COVID-19 symptoms and those testing positive for COVID-19) will have around-the-clock shifts available for CPI-trained MHTs, beginning Monday 4/13.
    • Your Desert Parkway schedule must be prioritized if you pursue this and it cannot interfere with your primary responsibilities within the hospital. This is an external contractor opportunity, completely separate from your role within our hospital. Please run this by your director/supervisor first, then reach out to Kyle Dunlap for more info: kyle.dunlap@desertparkway.com. Feel free to share this with other MHTs around the Valley

Continue to visit our special website dedicated to providing the most up-to-date and relevant information pertaining to COVID-19, as well as local community resources to help all of us impacted by the pandemic and those who are most vulnerable: desertparkway.com/covid-19.