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Student of the Quarter

Community Liaisons, Matt and Kyle, were invited by counselor Rosenda Rivas to speak at and sponsor Global Community High School’s “student of the quarter” celebration this past Friday. Dozens of pizzas and refreshments were also provided by the Hospital. Each teacher nominated students based on academic performance, attendance, character, improvement made, and future/college plans. In total about 15 students received awards. Each student was allowed to invite a parent or guardian to attend in support. This also served as a great opportunity to see a high rate of parent engagement at school.

Global community high school is CCSD’s only “initial entry” high school in the valley, meaning a majority of students have just immigrated to the United States. Most students come from Mexico, Cuba, the Philippines and more recently, war-torn states where the students have refugee status and from. 90% of the population are ESL students and the staff are all multilingual and fluent in at least English and Spanish. Staff is well-equipped to ensure all of the students succeed, become fluent in English and ultimately prepare to go to college upon graduation.

Desert Parkway hospital is supporting this school’s mission to serve new citizens in our community and has donated volunteer time & resources to see that they achieve success. Global Community High School is one of the hospital’s “adopted” community partners and the two look forward to a successful 2018 together.