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Mental Health Issues in Men


Depression is very common in men and men have trouble seeking for help because of the stigma associated with mental health. Men who suffers from depression are at a disadvantage because they are expected to be macho and not show any weakness. Men would commit suicide more readily than women because they would use a deadlier method such as using a gun or jumping off a tall building.

When depressed men manifest symptoms such as felling depressed with lack of energy, no motivation, hopeless feeling and has feelings of worthlessness. He feels down in the dumps, unhappy and miserable. He can't concentrate or focus and has no interest, no desire and no motivation. He is irritable and wants to be left alone, so he isolates himself. He derives no pleasure in his usual activities. He doesn’t want to go to work. Some men with business have lost their business because of depression.

Men have similar problem with anxiety and feels worse to show this side of them, that they would stay away from familiar places and people. Men would quit their job if they have a panic attack at work because they have disgraced themselves in front of their colleagues.

The symptoms of anxiety include anxiety, tension and nervousness. He has feelings of apprehension and dread, trouble concentrating, feeling tense and jumpy, anticipating the worst, irritable, and restless. He is constantly watching for signs of danger, and, feeling like his mind's gone blank. He has heart palpitations, muscle weakness and tension, fatigue, nausea, chest pain, shortness of breath, stomach aches, or headaches. He feels as if his blood pressure and heart rate are increased, and he is sweating more and trembling more, and he is easily startled.

The symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are subtle, yet very disastrous. The impulsiveness of a man with ADHD can go from a minor argumentativeness to outright deadly act, such a road rage with a gunshot, running away from the police and traveling without plans. I have met many women who blame the end of their marriage because their husbands have ADHD. One woman has so much anger over her husband’s actions, but blames them on his diagnosis of ADHD. I have encountered many men whose career was dramatically improved when they started taking treatment for ADHD.

The worse mental health problem men fall into is the use of drugs and alcohol. The question that is always asked is the chicken and egg question, which one is the first. Alcohol is legal and in fact is abnormal to refuse to drink when you are offered a drink. Alcohol addiction is a deadly disease. You can be drunk and die is so many different ways, getting into an accident, or getting into fights and developing a deadly disease associated with alcohol. They are so many people dying of drug overdose and whose lives have been ruined by drugs. There is no one who is happy because they are addicted to drugs and alcohol. It is a chronic debilitating disease and have damaged many lives. It is difficult to treat and the suggestion that one should quit when they want to does not work. Alcoholism causes a significant change in the brain structure and chemistry. These changes are difficult to reverse and hence the hard task of trying to quit and remain sober.

Men are entrusted with so much responsibility and are expected to be strong, hence they are expected to be daring. Men regularly put themselves in harm’s way and when they suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the would manifest symptoms of anger and aggression, but would not seek help. The number of our veterans who commit suicide is alarming and yet, not much is being done to identify and treat them before the ultimate sacrifice.

There should be a greater awareness in the discussion of mental health among men and the society in general. Mental health is the most common reason for lost days at work and so a lot of man power is lost because we do not identify and treat mental health issues promptly and properly. Only recently would insurance company identify mental illness as an illness worthy of treating and hence would pay for it.

Family members, friends and coworkers should be proactive in identifying that someone among them is not acting right and encourage them to seek help. The society should reduce the stigma about mental illness. The education of the general public should be under taken on a large scale to bring awareness to the masses. People seeking mental health treatment should not be marginalized and treated as outcast.

Men should seek help when that depression, anxiety ADHD or PTSD is interfering with your social, occupational and family life. When you notice a significant change in who you are or your friends and family are noticing a pattern of behavior that is uncharacteristic of you. When you start thinking about the end of your life or the life of other people. When you start taking steps the end your life, avoiding people, buying a gun or selling and giving away all your belongings as a prelude to committing suicide. You are losing everything you have and the world seem to spinning out of control.

Finding the right treatment can be hard but still one has to try. It is hard to trust anyone with your mental health issues, especially if one is paranoid to start with. Check with your insurance carrier to make sure they can cover your visits. Also, ask the insurance company about any treatment centers in your area that they contract with. Check online for some reviews but be careful because only disgruntled people give their reviews and some people have figured out a way to make their ratings look good on line these days. Shop around for a compactible therapist and ask a lot of questions during your initial assessment.

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