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Critical Areas for Promoting Mental Wellness in Teens and Adolescents


Teen Mental Health

Promoting mental wellness among young people is a critical issue and top priority for parents, teachers, and others involved in their lives. Identifying areas associated with mental wellness that each individual can strengthen is key to maintaining strong lifelong mental health. This is especially important for teens and adolescents or any individuals who tend to have more difficulty coping with life’s challenges.

Teen Mental Health

Mental wellness is essentially the ability to adapt to and bounce back from difficulties in life. This can involve loss and grief, disappointment, stress, or any number of the many challenges every person faces each day.

People lacking strong mental wellness tend to be more susceptible to depression, addiction, and other potentially disastrous consequences. Challenges to strong mental wellness among teens and adolescents can include things like bullying, loss, family changes, puberty, self-identity, trauma and more. Young people must cope with a great deal of change so maintaining sound mental wellness can be difficult.

Promoting Mental Wellness in Teens and Adolescents

Promoting Mental Wellness in Teens and Adolescents

There are a number of things that adults can do to help the young people in their lives to develop and maintain strong mental wellness. When interacting with teens or adolescents dealing with issues in their lives, it is important to see things from their perspective. It can be easy for adults to dismiss a young person’s challenges as insignificant but remembering how important these challenges are to them helps add much-needed validation. Also, remember to treat each situation as a unique challenge. Just because a teen has dealt with loss before doesn’t necessarily mean that the next time will be any easier.

Another key approach is to focus on normalizing feelings and mental health. Letting teens and adolescents know that it is normal and appropriate to feel fear, guilt, or sadness to help them cope.

Regular healthy living also affects mental wellness. A healthy diet, cutting back on sugar, and daily exercise go a long way toward promoting strong mental health.

Also, healthy relationships are a major factor in a young person’s mental wellness. Having adults take time to enjoy quality activities and closeness helps reinforce self-esteem. Adults also need to serve as role models of mental wellness. This includes behavior observed by young people and also talking about how adults themselves deal with challenges and emotions.

Mental wellness is complex. It is also ongoing. By taking active steps to help teens and adolescents throughout their lives, adults can work with them on building a lifetime of mental wellness. If your teen is depressed, has anxiety or having suicidal thoughts we can help. Please Contact us today. Be sure to visit our website to learn about our services.