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Make a Difference During Mental Health Awareness Month

Press Release

Too often, people who are struggling with mental illness or a mental health disorder feel so very alone. The fact is, most people are not suffering alone; their loved ones are suffering along with them.

You are also not alone in your recovery—Desert Parkway Behavioral Healthcare Hospital is here to help. Join us and reach out during May, Mental Health Awareness Month.

What is Mental Health Awareness Month?

In 1949, May was designated by Mental Health America as Mental Health Month or Mental Health Awareness month. Mental Health America was established in 1909 and is a non-profit committed to helping people and communities better understand prevention, early identification, intervention, treatment options, and support ideas.

During mental health awareness month, lines of communication are opened through media, local events, and screenings. Mental Health America has a free downloadable tool kit with resources and discussion ideas.


In 2019, Mental Health America is continuing the topic from 2018 of the strong connection between sound mental health and good overall physical health. In addition to the physical fitness focus of last year, this year’s campaign also stresses the importance of:

  • Animal Companionship
  • Spirituality and Religion
  • Humor
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Social Connections & Recreation

Desert Parkway Behavioral Healthcare Hospital rises to the challenge of providing information and support to Las Vegas and the surrounding communities during Mental Health Awareness Month, and all year long. Contact us today for more information about our facilities, staff, treatment programs, and support.