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Hope For Heroes: First Responder And Military Programs in Las Vegas, Nevada

Here at Desert Parkway Behavioral HealthCare Hospital we strive to provide quality behavioral health care to patients and the communities we serve.

Hope for Heroes

For those who have dedicated their lives to serving our communities and our country, the normal trials of everyday life are compounded with deployment-related challenges, traumatic events, and additional stresses on personal and work relationships. Risking their life in potentially dangerous situations and experiencing events that are hard to comprehend can lead to excessive stress and the triggering of mental health disorders for service members. These heroes fight for our freedom to pursue happiness, and deserve the same in return.

But, when dealing with mental illness, happiness may be hard to achieve. Focused treatment directed at a veteran’s mental health aims to help military members overcome service-related obstacles and discover the way to an entirely functional and fulfilling life.

Military Mental Health Issues Treated

Through compassionate care and clinical excellence, Desert Parkway Behavioral Healthcare Hospital in Las Vegas offers a specialized inpatient program for active duty service members, veterans, and first responders suffering from a myriad of issues. The most common military mental health ailments we treat include:

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Acute Stress Disorder
  • Combat Operational Stress
  • Substance Abuse Disorders
  • Suicidal and Homicidal Ideation
  • Depression and Anxiety

Hope for Heroes Treatment Features

Military FamilyOur treatment for PTSD and other disorders that affect a large number of veterans and military members offers a full spectrum of inpatient services in a caring, respectful, and supportive environment. Patients in our Hope for Heroes program are set up to actively participate in their own mental health treatment. The military members and former members, as well as the first responders, we serve are encouraged to create a community within the hospital in which they can relate to and provide support for one another. This is a key component of treatment, as having an outlet that understands your feelings and experiences may make it easier to work past mental health issues related to military service.

The ultimate goal of every staff member at Desert Parkway is to provide a safe and accepting environment where our patients can begin their road to successful reintegration into a civilian way of life. This is especially important for veterans with PTSD, as the symptoms of the disorder often interfere with or delay the process, making coming home uncomfortable or unnatural for many. For the active-duty military personnel and first responders we care for, our military treatment program includes a post-discharge support group.

Contact us

To learn more about our veteran and military mental health treatment program, please contact us today at 877-663-7976 and speak with a professional from our Assessment and Referral Department. We are standing by to answer all of your questions and help you determine the best path of treatment for your particular needs. In some cases, our inpatient Hope for Heroes program may be the best option. If so, our expert staff will help you get started with the admissions process.

Thanks to all the men and women who serve or have served our country from Desert Parkway Behavioral Healthcare Hospital. We are honored to serve you and your support systems in order to return you to duty.