Family Mental Health Referrals in Las Vegas, NV

The Nevada Medical Center determined that 18.3% of the population of Nevada had experienced some type of mental illness during the year of 2016. With the help of treatment centers like Desert Parkway Behavioral Healthcare Hospital, they are predicting a decrease in that number by 2020. You can help with a family referral for a loved one who is struggling with addiction or is in need of mental illness support.

Treatment Options Available

Making a family referral may be the first important step in getting someone you care for the help that they need. We can help ease your concern and confusion by answering your questions. This up-to-date information can help you determine which treatment program or programs may be the best option, including:

What are the Steps in the Family Referral Process?

The first step is to complete our free and confidential assessment. You can schedule this assessment online here or by calling our patient services helpline: 877-663-7976. This is not a psychiatric evaluation; it is a method of determining the next step or what your recommendation may be to your loved one struggling with addiction.

Most of the remaining steps are in the hands of the patient needing mental illness support, but family is involved in the development of the treatment program, as well as in group family therapy and other activities.”

The Time is Now

When it comes to depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, substance use, and substance abuse, there is no time to wait. The time to act is now. Contact us today to get more information about the Desert Parkway difference, and put quality behavioral healthcare at the fingertips of your loved one.