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Tips for Mental Health Wellness During the Holidays


The holidays are one of the busiest times of the year. There are often many events to plan, coupled with the pressure to make sure these events go well. The holidays are also marketed as one of the happiest times of the year.

All of this can result in feeling overwhelmed, anxious and depressed, and can even rekindle feelings of loss and loneliness for those who have lost loved ones. People afflicted with these feelings during the holidays need to take extra care to tend to their mental health.

Here are three tips to help you maintain your mental health this holiday season:

Set Realistic Expectations

One can have too-high of expectations regarding family interaction. While spending time with family can be an edifying experience, it’s important to remember that not everyone gets along all the time. Some family members might try to use guilt trips or other methods to convince you to do something you’re not comfortable with. Make sure to set boundaries with your family and to communicate effectively. If you need to, limit time spent with friends and family.

Get Exercise

Try to set some time aside each day for exercise, even if it’s only a short walk outside. There is evidence to suggest that exposure to bright light, such as sunlight or fluorescent light can help ease the symptoms of depression and help with stress relief. Walking outside can also be an effective tool to help calm and center yourself.

Stay in Therapy

As stated above, the holiday season is a busy time of year that can bring out complex emotions. Therapy can be an efficient tool to not only help you understand these complex emotions and where they stem from, but also to help you learn coping mechanisms to maintain your mental health. If able, keep your scheduled therapy sessions so you can have a place to explore problems that may arise.

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