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Facts and Psychological Effects of Bullying

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The psychological effects of bullying are often overlooked, despite how frequently acts of bullying occur in schools and over the internet. It’s a hard topic to bring up, let alone define, as individual experiences with bullying are complicated and difficult to address. But that does not mean that the reality of its damage to the mind disappears. Here are three facts about bullying and its effects that may surprise you.

Childhood Bullying Causes Problems Into Adulthood

Issues such as anxiety and depression carry over from the school playground and into adult life. Things like creating healthy relationships or pursuing professional goals become hampered by the sort of negative messages that bullying tends to engrave in the mind. This is seen especially when these young minds are still developing.

The Bully Is Also a Victim

It doesn’t stop with the individual being bullied. The flip side of the coin has its own psychological effects. In the case of the bully, these effects are more outwardly present. For example, those who bully others are more likely to turn to drugs, alcohol, or sexual behavior at a young age and the violent and manipulative methods they habitually use can make it difficult to have lasting friendships.

Witnesses to Bullying Are Also Susceptible to Mental Harm

Being a bystander to bullying can also take its toll. It can create a feeling of helplessness or even guilt to the point that even bystanders have been known to skip school.

Bullying affects a wide range of people and its damage does not need to be carried alone. There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings surrounding the issue, but here at Desert Parkway, we can help to clear the fog. Please contact us today or visit our website to learn how you or a loved one can alleviate the encompassing effects of bullying.